PVF Industrial Supply

Photo of Refinery with Night Blue SkyPVF Industrial Supply, Inc. is a piping material distributor offering the most efficient and effective processes for procuring the highest quality materials available in our industry.  We maintain an extensive inventory to serve our customers in a quick and timely manner.  In addition to our extensive inventory, we can provide custom fabricated components made from nickel, nickel alloy, stainless and carbon piping materials.

PVF is committed to working with our clients in developing the straightest and strongest supply chain to produce the most value-added results.  We continuously look for ways to eliminate duplicate or non-essential costs in the procurement cycle in the supply chain between the manufacturer and our customers. 

All of the products we distribute are acquired factory new from the most reputable manufacturers in the world.  We do not broker material nor do we advocate the utilization of surplus goods.

PVF Industrial Supply, Inc. maintains complete material traceability not only to the manufacturer, but also to the origin of the material as well.  Products provided by PVF are supported by a complete set of mill test reports with shipment and with billing notice if so requested.  All material composition and property data is retained in our in-house data storage and retrieval system.

Each member of our sales staff has direct customer communication capabilities via phone, fax, scanner, e-mail and the internet.  We are continuing to upgrade our data environment capabilities as changes in the technology become available.  This allows us to continue to meet or exceed our customer requirements in an ever-changing market.

Photo of processing platformToday's business climate is considerably different than in years past.  We realize that to maintain market share and outperform the competition, PVF must be a company "SET APART" from all the others in our industry.  In order for this to happen, we must always be the most efficient in all aspects of our business.  All phases of our business must be continually scrutinized for improvements which will result in meaningful, effective productivity gains.

PVF firmly believes if we can persevere with the best service, offer quality products at fair competitive prices and build strong relationships with our business partners, we will maintain a strong competitive edge in our industry.

Contact a PVF sales representative today to learn how we can provide you with the most value-added supply chain for all your piping material needs.