Copper Press

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ProPress Copper

• 1/2″ – 4″
• Copper alloy – UNS C12200
• Zero Lead silicon bronze alloy – C87710 (cast) or C87700 (machined)
Operating Parameters:
• Operating Pressure: 300 psi maximum
• Test Pressure: 600 psi maximum
• Operating Temperature: 0°F to 250°F
Approved Applications:
• Hot and cold potable water
• Rainwater/gray water
• Chilled water
• Hydronic heating (with glycol)
• Low-pressure steam (15 psi maximum) with FKM sealing element swap
• Residential steam (5 psi maximum)
• Ethanol
• Compressed Air
• Non-medical gases
• Vacuum (29.2″ Hg maximum @ 68°F)


PressACR is a copper press connection system designed to meet the demands of refrigeration systems. PressACR utilizes a gray HNBR sealing element to provide permanent leak-proof connections. PressACR is approved for use with K, L & M hard copper tubing and soft copper tubing in 1/4” through 7/8” OD diameters. PressACR is only approved for use with K, L & M hard copper tubing for sizes 1 1/8” and above. All tubing must comply with ASTM B280 ACR tube or B88 standards. PressACR fittings are approved for air conditioning and refrigeration applications using A class refrigerants.

• 1/4” OD – 1-1/8” OD
Operating Parameters:
• Operating Pressure: 700 psi max
• Vacuum: 150 microns
• Operating Temperature: -40°F to 250°F