Link Seals

• LS 200 to LS 650
• EPDM-Rubber; bolts: C galvanized / S 316 A 4-70 stainless steel; Shore A 50° ±5; pressure plates glass fiber reinforced polyamide
• Temperature range -40 °C to 80 °C; pressure tight up to 5 bar; electrical isolation with a dielectric strength of 500 V/mm
• Easy and quick installation due to pre-assembled modules
• Different versions available for potable water, oil, fuel, solvents and high temperature resistance
• High quality rubber parts ensure long lifetime
• Protected position in the masonry
• Suitable for retrofitting
• Choice of galvanized 8.8 or stainless steel bolts A4-70
• Color differentiation of the various rubber qualities
• Electrically isolating
• Hydrostatic sealing against pressing water
Fields of Application:
• For sealing wall penetrations of gas, water, sewage pipes and cables (considering the calculation basis and the suitability of the product on site)
• Tank embeddings
• Casing pipe seals
The radial expansion of the rubber parts ensures a permanent, pressure-tight and secure sealing of the annular space. For particularly thin-walled plastic pipes such as pre-insulated, flexible casing and corrugated pipe systems, a Compakt Temp or Compakt Super Soft is recommended.